Eighth annual health care Sunday – Rx for health care: Single payer, expanded Medicare for all Americans; David Gill, MD

As an emergency room doctor in Bloomington, Illinois, Dr. David Gill some-time works 13-hour shifts seeing dozens of patients. About half of them are emergency patients because they cannot afford insurance, family doctors or costly drugs.

Dr. Gill believes that to serve the people best, we must change from a system run by for profit corporate insurers to a system paid for directly by a progressive tax that does directly to health care providers. High costs of health care are fueled by the fact that insurers are there to create profits. “They’re not evil – they must make profits for their shareholders,” Dr. Gill said.

He is making his third run for Congressman from central Illinois’ 15th District. He accepts no corporate gifts. His campaigns depend on small dontions from individuals and the free labor of hundreds of volunteer workers.

He and his wife Elaine have a family of six children. Dr. Gill practices medicine at the Advocate BroMenn Regional Medical Center in Bloomington, which treats 42,000 emergency patients a year.