ECOEarth for Children now at the Ethical Society of St. Louis

Earth held in human hands

Earth Ethics, is actively participating in the Missouri Clean Energy Coalition (MCEC). During the platform on Sunday 12, 2015 the Ethical Society of St. Louis members took the ECOEarth for Children Pledge and are now a grassroots organization for the Coalition’s ECOEarth for Children campaign.

We took the pledge because

The Survival of All Species is Under Threat:
Human actions are destroying natural ecosystems and threatening catastrophic environmental collapse. Many plant and animal species have already been lost forever. Climate change threatens the survival of many more, and therefore the survival of the human species, which is sustained by an intricate web of life.
Children Have the Right to a Healthful Life:
All children have a right to inherit a world . with clean air, plentiful clean water, a livable climate, and an environment free from environmental toxins and pollution.
Climate Change Threatens Children’s Health:
The effects of climate change are especially dangerous to children, who are more vulnerable to diseases caused and worsened by pollution, and whose development is damaged by environmental toxins.
Adults Are Responsible for Our Environment:
Parents and advocates have a duty to act on behalf of those who will inherit the Earth from us but who cannot yet act for themselves. Parents and caretakers working to stop climate change teach our children how to respect and live in harmony with the Earth and how to be global citizens.

Promote your own ECOEarth for Children campaign to organize for social change. Get the brochure, make copies and help us shape the world our children will inherit. Visit: for more information.