Earthly Landscapes; Scott Woodbury

Photo by Brad Christian

When you look at the tiny sliver of earth that wraps around your house, what part of it reminds and connects you to the natural world? Is it reminiscent of the green planet we live on, or a reflection of the house next door? Are there ancient remnant plants and animals hiding in plain sight? Do you have a large tree or woodland growing along a creek in your neighborhood? Is your lawn diverse with native sedges, spring beauty or even dandelions? How do these fragments of a former natural community survive? More importantly, as stewards of your piece of earth, do you have what it takes to sustain nature and bring it back to your neighborhood? These are the questions we will ponder as we gather at the Ethical Society to celebrate Earth Day 2023.

Scott has been tinkering with plants since the age of 12. Throughout his career, he has worked at a number of public gardens. He founded the St. Louis Wild Ones and developed the Whitmire Wildflower Garden before retiring and developing Cacalia Garden Design and Wilding, a consulting and design service dedicated to promoting the natural world through native plants and natural landscaping.


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