Deer dilemna

For the past couple weeks I’ve been in New York, keeping an eye on my dad, who is convalescing from a very nasty tick-borne disease called babesiosis.  It’s rather like malaria for the American Northeast, spread by the ticks on the proliferating deer and mice.  Although my father is on the mend, I’ve been surprised how quickly my former attitude toward the deer has changed.  Although they have ruined almost every garden my parents and their neighbors have planted in the last dozen years, and although Lyme disease runs rampant in the area (also carried by the ticks), I formerly held the line separating the deer as beings from the problems they cause us.  It’s humans that have moved onto their turf in such numbers that they have nowhere to go but our backyards.  Bleeding-heart vegetarian etcetera. 

Now I want them dead.  To paraphrase George W. Bush, They tried to kill my daddy.  There is apparently a company that will come onto your land and kill your deer and donate the meat to homeless people.  Clearly this company exists to placate the consciences of people like me. 

What will we do?  Well, my parents’ property is part of a co-op with many other houses, whose daddies the deer have not tried to kill.  I will leave it up to them.  Sometimes the only honest way you can solve an ethical dilemma is to recuse yourself.