Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village

Who says Missouri isn’t at the forefront of the environmental movement? Turns out we have one of the very few viable eco-villages in America. I ran across Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village online–they are a ten-year-old community in northeast Missouri in which people are trying to live sustainably, build naturally, and live cooperatively (30 people share 2 cars, for example, and there are several groups at DR that share meals regularly). Their web site includes some nice videos on life at DR and on some of their natural building techniques (earth plasters, strawbale, etc.). And they’ll soon have a B&B, which will give discounts if you get there by train, hybrid, or bicycle.

They have big plans to expand and are looking for eco-minded folks who would like to learn about eco-villages and perhaps join one. I only know what I’ve read/seen online, so far, but for radical environmentalists and communitarians, they seem . . . well, pretty normal. I look forward to the day when living in an eco-village is no weirder than moving to the ‘burbs. Actually, I look forward to the day when it’s much less weird.

For a long time I’ve daydreamed of living a more simple, natural, sustainable, cooperative lifestyle. Whenever I’ve looked into it, though, there seem to be so many hurdles, from finances to necessary skills to the all important cooperating- with- your- neighbors- without- ending- up- wanting- to- kill- each- other.

Could you imagine living like the folks at Dancing Rabbit? In some ways but not others? Does it seem like a nightmare life to you? Like a dreamlife you wish you could make work somehow?