Meet Our Staff

James Croft

Leader -

James never stops talking, so it's lucky that his job requires a lot of it! As Leader for the Society, James is a public face for the community, ensuring that Ethical Humanist values are represented at rallies and protests, in schools and universities, and in the media. James believes that our culture desperately needs a Humanist moral voice, and he's determined to provide one. You can often find James yelling through a megaphone or posting on Facebook. He loves Star Trek way too much, and tries to find a way to work a Star Trek reference into every Platform Address.

James Croft, Outreach Director

Nancy Jelinek

Office Administrator -

Nancy is the Office Administrator and has worked at the Ethical Society for almost 20 years. Her job includes a variety of duties. She takes care of the payroll, pays the bills, posts the pledges, schedules building use, and mostly just tries to make sure everything is running smoothly around the office. She is happily married and the mother of two grown sons. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing games, and traveling.

Terri Arscott

Facility Coordinator -

JD Brooks

Music Director -

JD Brooks has been the Music Director of the Ethical Society since 2004. He enjoys coordinating music events at the Society along with performing a wide variety of music styles and genres ranging from instrumental to vocal. Working at the Ethical Society has helped to strengthen his belief in the human spirit and his commitment to nonprofit work. JD enjoys exploring the human connection through traveling and is inspired by other cultures' lifestyles, along with their music and art. Recently, dancing has become a hobby and passion for JD: he has become very active with Country Western and Ball Room Dance.

JD Books, Music Director

Louise Jett

Social Media Manager -

A lifelong learner herself, Louise is also an educator at heart. As Social Media Manager, she collects and shares Ethical Society stories and news in order to spread awareness of our awesome community. Louise considers herself a Humanist and is truly inspired by people who are dedicated to empowering others. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Luke, their 14-year-old son, Keenan, and their numerous pets, which includes two guinea pigs named Gertrude and Francis.

Louise Jett

Laura Nottingham

Membership Coordinator -

From an early age Laura Nottingham has been a part of congregation settings. She graduated top of her class from Texas Bible College and although she is no longer religious she has been seeking a community to connect with. She strongly agrees with the goals of the ethical society and is excited to be joining the team. In her free time she love spending time with her two pups and creating art.