Communication with children: poetry, precision and practice; Dave Mampel

The Minnesota poet Alan Tate has said that “to communicate effectively is to love,” and that, I believe, is the essence of my address. I want to explore how we as adults can best tap into our desire to love our children (or anyone for that matter!) and express ourselves more effectively with language that says what we really want to say. How do we get as close as possible to our values, ethics, and core beliefs when we communicate? How do we keep it real, simple, truthful, fresh, and loving with our kids? Of course, communication is sometimes very difficult with children if we are unable to empathize with the variety of languages and unique perspectives children have or if we are too tired, rushed, and distracted by the cares of life. So, how do we slow down and empathize and communicate with kids better?

Dave Mampel has been performing professionally since 1992. Previously, Dave was an active ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, serving a 100-member parish in Idaho Falls, Idaho. After leaving the parish ministry to pursue an entertainment career, Dave developed his central character, “Daffy Dave” which has been a popular hit with family audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Daffy Dave’s shows have delighted children. He has performed widely in the Bay Area and on his local television show, “Daffy Dave’s Tree Fort.” Dave’s CDs and videos are sold internationally. Daffy Dave also has an official fan club and interactive website,