Climate Emergency Declaration

Saint Louis Ethical Society Declaration of a Climate Emergency

  1. The Ethical Society of Saint Louis urges all municipal governments inside not only the Saint Louis metropolitan area but also across the State of Missouri to declare a climate emergency and then to take all appropriate actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other contributing factors to the climate crises, and
  2. The Ethical Society of Saint Louis urges the State of Missouri to mobilize all entities within the State government, especially the Departments of Natural Resources, Agriculture, Conservation, Transportation, and Economic Development to also declare a climate emergency within the State of Missouri.

On the Need to Declare a Climate Emergency

  1. Whereas the Ethical Society of Saint Louis is a Humanistic Religious Organization founded in 1886 and it strives to educate and encourage its members and the broader community on ways to live an ethics-centered life, and
  2. Whereas it is essential to have a healthy and biologically intact planetary ecosystem which can provide for a sustainable life for all of the earth’s human inhabitants as well as the millions of plant and animal species that cannot survive in the absence of such ecosystem, and
  3. Whereas it is now widely understood that our current planetary climate is undergoing great change because of human activities including unprecedented burning of fossil fuels and the widespread destruction of natural plant and animal habitats for subsequent human use, and
  4. Whereas it is understood that if trends continue in this direction, the future of all humans living all over the world will suffer and result in unpredictable suffering, and
  5. Whereas many people in the St. Louis region and the State of Missouri, including Missouri farmers and businesses, will suffer from climate disruptions if current trends continue, and
  6. Whereas there has been little governmental action taken within the State of Missouri and its local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to formulate plans to deal with climate change, and
  7. Whereas the Ethical Society of Saint Louis has over the years recognized the urgency of this global problem and has and is continuing in its education effort to bring this to the attention of the membership, and
  8. Whereas, on 12 December 2020, the United Nations Secretary-General asked the world’s governments to declare a climate emergency in their countries until carbon neutrality is reached, and
  9. Whereas thus far over 1,800 governmental jurisdictions in 33 countries have joined to declare such a climate emergency, the Ethical Society of Saint Louis is adopting a two-part resolution.