Climate Change Solutions; Jim Seko

Jim Seko is an engineer who was skeptical of climate change. After much research he became convinced the problem is real and quite serious. Having been on both sides of the global warming debate it became clear that talking about the problem was solving nothing. Engineers enjoy the work of finding solutions, and Jim’s research on solutions has resulted in some good news: The hard work of developing the technology to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint has already been done by scientists and engineers. The power of this technology is impressive: It will result in dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions AND will save a lot of money. All we need to do is invest in this money-saving clean energy technology. In this platform, Jim will walk us through the choices we have as individuals and help guide us in the best actions we can take now. Get the slides accompanying this presentation.

Jim has been a member of the Ethical Society of St. Louis since 2011.