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Abortions Post-Roe; Allison Hile, MA

August 7, 2022

No Roe in MO! Allison Hile, an expert in the fields of abortion care and sexual health education, will answer your burning questions: How could this have happened? What are people doing now? What can I do? And a few positive things on the horizon! Allison Hile has a master’s degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in human sexuality. She is the retired executive director of a statewide organization training adults to be better sexuality educators. She has worked in the fields of abortion care and sexual health education for over 30 years. She is a founding board member of the Missouri Abortion Fund and their current board secretary. Allison and her husband are longtime members of the Ethical Society of St. Louis.


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How Can We Live Our Values When Others Won’t?; Leader James Croft, EdD

July 31, 2022

We live in a world, and a nation, beset by enormous challenges. Rising extremism, political dysfunction, and social polarization have created an increasingly mean and rancorous public square. Events like the overturning of Roe v. Wade suggest that American society is moving further from the progressive ideals the Ethical Society represents, while the attack on the Capitol showed how sick American democracy is. In such a challenging climate, how can Ethical Humanists live their values? Should we fight fire with fire, or should we be peacemakers?


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Refuse to Be Silent – Stand Up & Fight For Democracy; Hon. Stacey Newman

July 17, 2022

How Missourians of all stripes must be vocal and involved in protecting our democracy and not wait for anyone else to save it, including real-world tips on putting yourself in the activist and legislative arena. Stacey Newman condenses ProgressWomen’s popular long-running statewide #GOV101 series into urgent doable actions, compelling you to get off the couch and do something while you still can.

Hon. Stacey Newman is the executive director of ProgressWomen, a statewide social justice group focused on justice and equality issues. She served nine years as a legislator in the Missouri State House, retiring in 2019. Stacey has been a long-time activist in protecting abortion/reproductive and voting rights and for gun violence prevention.


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Lessons of Hope from the Teaching Profession; Missouri’s 2022 State Teacher of the year James Young

July 10, 2022

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect, for better or for worse. However, through it all there is always hope- and a reason to look ahead. Persevering through challenges and finding purpose and meaning in serving others becomes the true measure of success. Teaching has been a journey of finding the joy in fulfilling the calling of a lifetime while learning my own invaluable lessons.

James Young is a music teacher at the Johnson-Wabash 6th Grade Center in Ferguson and Missouri’s “Teacher of the Year” for 2022. Young served in the United States Army before returning to school to become a teacher. His military service included membership in the U.S. Army Chorus during his tour in South Korea. Young has fifteen years of teaching experience with the majority of time spent in the Ferguson-Florissant School District where he has taught Middle School Band, Guitar, Music Appreciation, General Music and a co-taught Musical Theater class. He has worked with organizations including St. Louis Dancing Classrooms, St. Louis Classical Guitar, Strings Attached and LIFE Arts Inc. to help bring high quality arts education to his students. Young believes in being an example and positive influence for future generations through his work as a teacher in the community. He resides in Ferguson with his wife and seven children, and is a graduate of the district.


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The Neuroscience of Criminal Behavior; Carissa Philippi, PhD

June 26, 2022

Associate Professor Carissa L. Philippi will present evidence from individuals with brain injury as well as brain imaging research in prison inmates which demonstrate the role of the frontal and temporal lobes in criminal behavior. In the context of this neuroscientific research, she will discuss legal and ethical considerations regarding concepts of individual responsibility and the limitations of neuroimaging.

Carissa L. Philippi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She received her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Iowa where she conducted research examining the effects of brain injury on self-perception. After finishing graduate school, Professor Philippi conducted neuroimaging research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to investigate the brain networks underlying psychopathic traits in prison inmates. Her current research seeks to understand the neural mechanisms of maladaptive self-perception in neuropsychiatric conditions, such as depression and posttraumatic stress disorder.


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Are My Choices My Choices? Reflections on Free Will; Leader James Croft, EdD

June 19, 2022

If our minds are the product of matter and if matter simply obeys strict natural laws, how can we have free will at all? This is one of the greatest philosophical questions of all, and a problem which is frequently used to attack materialistic Humanism. “Of course we have free will,” critics of materialism often say, “and materialism cannot account for that, so materialism must be wrong!” Is this correct? What is the evidence that we have free will, and what are the implications if we don’t? Are our choices truly our own? Find out in this lightning-fast tour through one of the most difficult philosophical terrains of all.


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Striving to Live Our Values; Leader-in-Training Louise Jett

June 12, 2022

As Ethical Humanists, we strive to live our values. we are committed to ethical action and relationship building. Reciting our values and living them are two totally different things. How do we put our values into action? Which ones are hardest to implement in our daily lives? Does everyone deserve to be treated fairly and kindly? Join Leader-In-Training Louise Jett in exploring radical kindness, Humanist values and Ethical Culture.


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Free Speech 2022: It’s Worse Than You Think; Professor of Law Greg Magarian

May 22, 2022

Americans have never had more opportunities to express their views or greater access to information. Even so, we face an unprecedented crisis of free speech. Resource disparities and identity discrimination create deep disparities in speakers’ opportunities to reach audiences. Disinformation and the limits of human attention undermine our public discourse. Governments work overtime to suppress political protest and dissent. If the freedom of speech isn’t making our society better, then it isn’t the kind of freedom we need and deserve. To get that kind of freedom, we need to change the legal and political structures that keep failing us.



Does Ethical Culture Have a Future?; Leader James Croft, EdD

May 1, 2022

Ethical Culture is a tradition with a proud history but an uncertain future. While some Ethical Societies are strong and growing, the movement as a whole is shrinking, and it may not be long until there are only a handful of Ethical Societies left. How can we avoid this future? What do we need to change, in our home Societies and in our movement, to make Ethical Culture radical, vibrant, and growing once again?


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What is Skepticon and Why Does It Matter?; Lauren Lane

April 24, 2022

Learn from the Founder and President of Skepticon Lauren Lane about how this unique conference came to be and how it continues to find success today.

Lauren Lane is the Founder and Executive Director of Skepticon, a national conference located annually in St. Louis, MO that promotes skepticism, science education and community building. She earned her BFA in drawing from Missouri State University and her MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio from The Memphis College of Art.

She currently makes art, things, and trouble in St. Louis, MO.



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