Caring team, supporting our members

Who are we?

We are a small team of volunteers who reach out to our members in need.  Current members of the team include Gena Gardiner (lead), Jayne Draney, Dan Overmann, Jane Schaefer, Kurt Bauer, Larry Doreson, Kent Krimmel and Judy Kulczycki.  We meet monthly (the second Sunday of the month) at 10 AM before platform in the Butterfly Room to review upcoming requests for assistance or review any recent events or news that may have happened in our members’ lives.

What do we do?

We try to offer emotional support and sometimes physical support to our members who are ill or who may have lost someone close to them.  We do this with phone calls, visits, cards and an occasional hot meal.  We have given rides to doctors’ offices from time to time and have helped with small tasks when needed.  We have taken members to attend platform or the  grocery store when they lacked transportation to do so.

Every August (starting 2 years prior to COVID) we sponsored a yearly Ice Cream Social so that members can meet and visit after platform in a purely social setting.  

How do you contact us?

The best way to contact us is through the website  All of the members on the team will then see the request or message and can then act on it in a timely fashion.   However, if you are not able or would prefer, you can contact our team lead, Larry Doreson at 314-814-9587.  Please leave a message if he is unable to answer right away and he will be sure to call you back.  

To join our team, please contact the or call Larry (contact as above).