Climate Action Now! Ripples and Earthquakes

We recently received a surprising message, via our CAN! email, from a teacher, writing on behalf of her students.

“I was teaching an environmental science lesson to some elementary students, and when they were doing a web quest on sustainability, they ended up on your Plastics and Climate Change webpage. They thought I should let you know that we were using it and found some great information so thanks 🙂

“They also decided it would be nice of us to return the favor, so I had them pick out a good resource for us to share with you! Part of their project was learning about steps we can take at home to reduce our ecological footprint, and they picked out a great guide to recycling plastic…. “How to Properly Recycle Plastic

It is exciting to learn that our programs resonate beyond our walls and outside our community. Thanks to Ruth Platt & her students, Jessica, Jocelyn, Adam, and Madalyn for reaching out to let us know. It is even more exciting and encouraging to hear about children committed to finding ways to address environmental problems that impact the world they will be inheriting.

In another example of kid-power, the 16 young plaintiffs in the court case Held v. Montana, have won their case. A group of children sued the state of Montana for enabling the fossil fuel industry and thereby violating their rights to a clean and healthful environment, a right which is explicitly guaranteed in their state constitution. Though it is likely the state will appeal the decision, this case and judgment are ground-breaking and will surely lead to more legal action. (For more context, see this article, just one of many on the subject, and our earlier CAN! post)

What actions can we take to assure children that they are not alone in their efforts to heal the planet? Well for starters, please take some time to look at the helpful information shared by Ms. Platt and her students on plastic recycling and pass it along to your friends. Also, consider donating to “Our Children’s Trust” to continue the fight against climate change on the legal front.

CAN! materials

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