Climate Action Now! Plastics and Climate Change

Platic bottles as smoke stacks

Did you know almost all plastics are made of oil and gas? We’ll hear from Leslie Gittemeier, formerly of the Saint Louis Zoo, about how single-use plastics and plastic production are major contributors to climate change. Reducing plastic use and finding alternatives to plastic are personal actions each of us can take to lessen the impact of climate change. Gittemeier will offer a variety of plastic reduction options for all kinds of lifestyles and communities.

Presenter: Leslie Gittemeier

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ACTIONS – Reduce plastic use

  • Switch to reusables (preferably not plastic)
  • Contact at least one of your representatives and ask them to support action to reduce plastic production/pollution (e.g. the Break Free From Plastic Act, remove MO ban on local bag bans)
  • Let at least one business you shop at know that reducing plastic packaging/waste is important to you or support businesses who are already taking action (e.g. Green Dining Alliance)
  • Follow #byetobags on social media for reminders, inspiration, and updates
  • Join others in taking action (join a green team, participate in the Green Business/Green Schools challenge, create/join a Plastic Free EcoChallenge team (occurs in July), or join the OneSTL Materials and Recycling working group)

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