Climate Action Now! – Introduction

Ready for  action to combat climate change? Climate Action Now! (CAN!) is an Ethical Society team whose mission is to build and support a community dedicated to addressing this global issue

Monthly meetings will feature a knowledgeable speaker discussing an aspect of climate change and will include 3-4 recommended actions participants can take related to that topic. A variety of actions will be suggested, ranging from individual behavior changes to collective political action. Information about the meetings and the suggested actions are posted on the Society’s website.

The Zoom ID for the meetings is: 444 367 1640

The organizing group are not climate change experts; they need and welcome your suggestions, involvement, expertise, and feedback.  Please email the group with your input

Please join us.

Rachel Jones
Matthew Hile
Bob Pickard
Cathy Pickard
Brian Vandenberg

CAN! materials

These materials have been prepared by the Society’s CAN! (Climate Action Now!) team. This post do not express or imply an endorsement by the Ethical Society of St. Louis or its leadership.