Climate Action Now! Homegrown National Park Movement

Famous ecologist E. O. Wilson proposed a collective action project he called “half-earth” in order to care for the planet and save the earth’s biodiversity. Wilson said, “…only by setting aside half the planet in reserve, or more, can we save the living part of the environment and achieve the stabilization required for our own survival.” The Homegrown National Park movement is, perhaps, the kind of collective action Wilson might have had in mind. Come hear Jean Ponzi describe the movement, provide examples right here in St. Louis, and tell you how you can be a part of this nature-saving movement, whether you have access to your own big backyard, a small patio, or an outdoor business or school space.

In addition to her work at the EarthWays Center, Jean is host of the long-running KDHX show and podcast, “Earthworms with Jean Ponzi”. She is also a frequent speaker and consultant on environmental topics connected to green living practices.


Jean Ponzi, Green Resources Manager, EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden

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