For Love of the Land: A Journey into Regenerative Agriculture

“Scientists estimate that 8 percent of the carbon in the upper layers of Earth’s soils has been released into the atmosphere over the past centuries. Bringing that carbon back home through regenerative agriculture is one of the greatest opportunities to address human and climate health, along with the financial well-being of farmers.”  —Project Drawdown

What if, in your “second act”, you could do something new, challenging and meaningful that would also address the problem of climate change?  Our speakers, Marcia and John, have embarked on a new chapter in their lives, establishing a family farm based on the principles of soil health that are the foundation of regenerative agriculture. They will share what they have learned to date and offer thoughts on what we can all do to support this important change in agricultural practices.

John Raney’s education and early work in forest management preceded a long career in Information Technology leadership. Marcia McCabe recently retired from her work as a clinical psychologist at Washington University School of Medicine.  They are now the owners of Monmouth Farm in Berryton Kansas, where they continue to expand their understanding of regenerative agriculture.


John Raney and Marcia McCabe of Monmouth Farm in Berryton Kansas,

Suggested Actions for CAN!

Support Policy Change – contact your representatives
Become an informed consumer
  • Buy local and regenerative
  • Farmers markets – meet your grower – “Shake the hand that feeds you”   (Michael Pollan)
    Do you use cover crops? To what extent do you use tillage?
  • Support large food producers who advance regenerative
Contribute to organizations that advance regenerative agriculture

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  • Presentation slides (click to open, right click to download)

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