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Toni Easter giving a tour of her sustainable home garden.
Toni Easter

“I can learn from everyone.”— one of our favorite core values, recited by our kids every Sunday morning. On June 8, we have a very special opportunity to learn from one of the Ethical Society’s newest members—Toni Easter. Toni is one of the lead organizers of the St.Louis region’s Sustainable Backyard Tour, which takes place this year on June 30, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. But we are privileged to get a sneak preview and personalized tour of Toni’s garden earlier in the month. Here’s how Toni describes her yard…

With limited green space and sunlight, I have focused on perennial food production and native flowers. Thru yard sharing, I am able to expand my green spaces and have four households utilizing one culinary garden. With pollinator gardens and mature trees the yard has Audubon Silver Certification for native plants.  There are solar panels, a beehive, and tomatoes in wicking pots on the flat garage roof. I have quail for eggs, lots of patio pots, a Garden Tower, raised beds, trellises, composting, rainwater collection, and a goldfish pond.

Group participants of Toni Easter's sustainable home tour.


Toni Easter, Ethical Society member

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