Climate Action Now! EV and Electrification Advances

The electrical grid historically was a one-way transfer of electricity.  From major coal, nuclear, or gas fired plants to homes and offices.  Now, the grid is a two-lane highway of distributed energy, electric vehicles, demand shedding, and information.   Recent major investments in EV buses, commercial vehicles, and fleets will shift the energy use portfolio of the US and world.  Join Steve O’Rourke and Gordon Schweitzer to discuss the variety of items related to EV charging, grid electrification, and solar PV!


Gordon Schweitzer III and Steve O’Rourke

Suggested Actions for CAN!

  • Conduct a home energy audit
  • Implement energy efficiency measures, both low/no cost and those covered by the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Install solar PV or purchase renewable energy via a community solar program
  • Purchase an EV or hybrid, and do more to walk, bike and use mass transit
  • Contact elected officials to advocate for more competitive pricing on community solar, like in Illinois
  • Support climate change organizations

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