Climate Action Now! Climate Justice

The negative impacts of climate and environmental degradation often fall most heavily on marginalized peoples in this country and around the world. Climate justice is a subset of environmental justice.

Presenter: Climate Action Now! and End Racism teams

Presentation slides (pdf, 200k)
Key points from presentation and breakout groups (pdf, 252k; image, 226k)

ACTIONS – Climate Justice

  • Watch the PBS series “My World Too” showcasing sustainable living practices from around the World
  • Make a environment/climate justice sign and participate in BLM protest (16-May and then every second Sunday, from 1-2 pm, in front of the Society)
  • Read about and contribute to the Solutions Project
  • Discuss the relationship between the climate change and race with your friends and family
  • Take the Environmental Justice self study program from Washington University
  • Learn about and participate in programs from “Just Moms STL” about Bridgeton’s West Lake landfill superfund site

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CAN! materials

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