Climate Action Now! Beyond Coal

The main objective of the Beyond Coal campaign is to replace dirty coal with clean energy by mobilizing grassroots activists in local communities, nationwide, to advocate for the retirement of old and outdated coal plants and to prevent new coal plants from being built.”  Join us to learn how you can contribute to the effort to transition to a clean energy future with renewables.


Brian Smith, organizing representative of the Eastern Missouri Group of the Sierra Club,

Suggested Actions for CAN!

  • Volunteer with and/or donate to the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local paper, encouraging Ameren to close its coal-fired plants and to invest in clean, renewable energy.
  • Sign and share this petition, opposing Ameren’s proposed rate hike.
  • Attend the Public Service Commission’s hearing on the rate increase. Details forthcoming, but save the date:  February 9, 2023.

CAN! materials

These materials have been prepared by the Society’s CAN! (Climate Action Now!) team. This post and its links do not express or imply an endorsement by the Ethical Society of St. Louis or its leadership.