Board President’s Report – April 2021.

Board President’s Report from Stephanie Sigala. April 2021.

Our goal is to report only good news for this Ethical Connection Board update. And we can do it easily.

Despite our forced distance from one another, the Ethical community is still strong. The building looks great and our staff is beavering on just as if we were physically there. It seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel—planning is going on now for a re-opening.

Our volunteer action has also been terrific despite social distancing. Kent Forrest spends many days at the Society repairing the vestibule woodwork. He has been rewarded by a big special gift from the Ethical Board. It’s what he wanted—a gift card to Menard’s!

Jim Rhodes linked up with environmentally active friends to propose that the Society Board ratify the Climate Emergency Declaration which encourages Missouri institutions to prioritize climate action.

The Board has also recognized another one of our super members for the AEU Anna Garlin Spencer Award for volunteer contributions. That super long-time member is David Brown who has been Board President, Governance Plan implenter, and now leads our good works with the International Institute.

Our financial picture at the Society is rosy, despite a somewhat declining membership now at 334. 2020-21 pledge monies are still rolling in. And the good news is that we are not spending as much while we are closed. The 2021-22 pledge team is keeping up the good work and ensuring adequate funds for a great year when we finally to see each other in person.

See you at the Annual Meeting, May 13 at 7 p.m. Details are elsewhere in this Connection. Please join us and show off your special dessert! Celebrate with us! It’s our last Zoom Ethical Annual Meeting, we hope!

If you have questions about the Ethical Board of Trustees, contact me or other friendly Board members.