Board Nominees – 2018

The Nominating Committee members – Cathy Pickard, Ellen Wilson, Judy Kulczycki, and Cy Henningsen – are pleased to submit to the Board and to the membership the following nominees for the Ethical Society Board of Trustees:

Amanda Verbeck – President-Elect

Amanda Verbeck

Amanda is an artist, printmaker, and small business owner at Pele Prints. She joined the Ethical Society in 2015. Since then, Amanda has been involved in many groups and projects through out the Society, including the Young Ethicals, Branding Team, Diversity Task Force, Aesthetics Group, Evolution Exhibit, Lay Leadership Development Committee, and more. The community and people at the Society have become an integral part of her life, and excited about the prospect of serving the Society in a major leadership capacity

Christine Floss – Secretary

Christine Floss

Christine first learned about the Ethical Society when her daughter, Amanda Stadermann, participated in SEEK’s Coming of Age program, and she joined as a member in 2008. A geochemist by training she is currently a research professor in the Physics Department at Washington University, studying the origin and evolution of our solar system. Christine has served on the Board in multiple roles, including as President, Secretary and Trustee-at-large. She is entering the second year of her current three-year term as trustee.  If approved by the membership, the upcoming year will also be her second as Secretary.

Matthew Hile – Trustee

Matthew Hile

Matthew retired as a Research Associate Professor Emeritus from UMSL’s Missouri Institute of Mental Health. He and his wife Allison have been members since 1982. Over the years, he has served on Ethical Education Committee (member and Chair), Program Council (member and Chair), the Board (member), Personnel Committee (member), the Leader Search Committee (Chair) that selected Kate, and the Governance Task Force (Chair) which created our current governance structure.  In 2016 he was honored to be a recipient of the AEU’s Anna Garlin Spencer award for outstanding long-term volunteer contributions to the Ethical Society of St. Louis.

Note:  Ethical Society By-Laws allow for additional nominations to the Board, via petition.  Members in good standing may be nominated to open Board positions by written petition, signed by at least ten active members and filed at the Society office at least 30 days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting (May 15, 2018).  If the nominee-by-petition is running to be an officer of the Board, the position must be specified.