Biophilia: Nature Connections for Human Health – Climate Action Now!

Head shot of Jean Ponzi

The Climate Action Now! (Plus) Team is excited to bring Green Jean Ponzi back for another of her entertaining, informative and oh-so-motivating presentations. Looking at nature through the different lenses of biology, psychology and design, we will be encouraged to see nature in surprising places and to learn the many ways that nature connections lead to health benefits for us personally and for our community environments.

According to the late great biologist E. O. Wilson, biophilia is “the rich, natural pleasure that comes from being surrounded by living organisms”. Join Jean and fellow Society members and friends as we kick off the new year, learning how nature can enhance our health and contemplating this rich pleasure in other living things.

9:45 14-Jan in the Hanke room.


Presented by Jean Ponzi, Green Resources Manager, Earthways Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden

Suggested Actions for CAN!

  • Mimic nature with building design elements
  • Create inviting views of nature from interior spaces 
  • Bring plants inside the built environment

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