Beginning Again; Randal Blain, Humanist Chaplin

Easier to recognize in the change of season or the change of calendar we humans begin again. Spending time to reflect on the subject of change and how we evolve, adapt, and reintegrate into new ways of being provides opportunities to develop strategies of holding on while letting go, being stable while moving forward, remaining rooted while re-establishing through periods of loss, grief, and change.

As a teacher of Ethical Mindfulness and Engaged Buddhism, Randal proposes the development of an awareness of the impermanent/interbeing nature of all phenomena that can lead to a powerful foundation to deal with change. Drawing on his work over the last several years as a thanotiologist, he proposes several strategies for dealing with change in ways that minimize suffering and expands opportunities for regaining strength and joy. Ethical Society member Randal Blain, B.A., M. Div, serves as Teacher, non-theistic Spiritual Director, and Humanist Chaplain.