"Atheist" money rejected by Mississippi ACLU

I thought this was an April Fools’ joke, but according to the NY Times, it’s true. A few weeks back, a high school in Mississippi cancelled its prom rather than let a female student bring another female as her date. Sad and ridiculous decision. Since then, there have been various fundraising efforts to provide alternative events for the whole school, and a couple members of the American Humanist Association donated $20,000 in the name of the AHA to this cause. Humanist organizations in general have been supportive of LGBT rights and respect for many decades, and the AHA has been stepping up its efforts in this area lately.

The Mississippi ACLU, which was apparently vetting donors, returned the money. Because money from “atheists” would be too “controversial.” For an alternative gay-friendly prom. Sad and ridiculous decision.

I hope these poor kids get to have a nice party. And I’m glad that prejudice against LGBT people is no longer acceptable, at least in liberal circles. And I look forward to prejudice against humanists becoming equally unacceptable.

Update: The national ACLU has apologized to the AHA and said that it is up to another organization whether to accept the money. It reads like a pretty weak statement to me, but maybe I’m just holding a grudge.