Art Show – Patrick Murphy

Wood cut print in black and white of a river lined with trees.
Patrick Murphy

There’s lots to like about woodcut prints. Wood, with its grain and knots, has a way of inserting its own opinion into the creative process, which I appreciate. I also enjoy working with the tools. The variety of knives, inks, and papers offer endless possibilities for experimentation. I like the stark contrast between black and white and how lines and spaces interact and balance in ways that create images in the minds of their beholders.

My background is television production. For years I relied on motion, color, words, and music to tell stories. Woodcuts must tell the story in one frame, and my hope is that each image creates a place that people want to visit or makes them wonder about the bigger story. Woodcuts are simple and ask viewers to use their imaginations to create the pictures, complete the creative process, and make it art.

This show will run from October 27 through December. His reception is Sunday, October 29 at 12:30.

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