Art Show – Lindsey Holman

This show will run from 26 July through 22 September. Her reception is Sunday, 28 July at 12:30.

Artist Statement

My work reflects my insatiable curiosity for life, expressed through a diverse array of mediums. I’m not bound by any single style; rather, I embrace any idea or interest that sparks my curiosity. Often, I find myself overflowing with ideas, each one eager to be brought to life. The creative process is a journey filled with endless possibilities; I relish the excitement of not knowing where each piece will lead me.

By Lindsey Holman

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating art is its ability to foster connections between people. When someone interacts with artwork, it becomes a conversation—a dialogue between their own experiences and the emotions. By asking others for their interpretations of a piece, I gain valuable insights into their perspectives and worldviews. It’s like asking a question that is infinitely complex.

I believe that art is as multifaceted as the individuals who experience it. Sometimes, I prefer to let viewers engage with my work without imposing my own narrative upon them. In doing so, each piece becomes a personal journey for the observer, allowing them to uncover their own meanings and connections.

Ultimately, each piece is the viewer’s own. Art transcends boundaries and invites people to explore, interpret, and connect with the world around them.

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