Art Show – Joy Wade

Jolly Rancher by Joy Wade

My work is an extension of myself. It is a non-verbal language that reaches out and connects with people. I have been passionate about the human figure since childhood. I paint because I have to. It is what keeps me grounded.

I pull images from experiences, society, and basic human needs, desires, and dreams that are timeless. Each subject is personal in both selection and execution. My work strives to convey human yearnings and stories, and I exhibit them in a distinctive century old stylistic aesthetic; the subjects are often framed within the context of their daily lives and sometimes I bring attention to subjects I think are often overlooked.

I love working in different mediums, which has developed my mix medium style, a technique of blending mediums such as acrylic, watercolors, color pencils, and sometimes paper (skins). A graduate of Saint Louis University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and Media Innovation, I have exhibited in many solo and group shows in the Mid-West, and my work has been published in national and independent magazines.

Joy Wade’s exhibit will open on Friday, 8 June, with a reception from 12:30 to 2:30 on 10 June. The exhibit will be hanging through 16 July.

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