Art Show – Jo Seltzer

A Little This, A Little That

I have been told many times that my artwork is happy. I would have to agree, for several reasons. Primarily, I have had a most fortunate life, and that good fortune has led to a great deal of happiness.

As they say, you paint what you know.

Jo Seltzer sample images for art show

My artwork is intended to share what excites me visually at the moment. Often it is a striking scene, or a beautiful flower. Sometimes it is a photo I have taken of a person or persons. Sometimes, and more frequently of late, it is an abstraction. And, of course, the process of making art is a happy one.

I have loved learning different media and techniques, and thank some excellent teachers for that. I’m especially grateful to Jerry Thomas for his artistic advice over the course of many years.

When a painting is ‘hot off the press’, it is another source of happiness that my husband Carl is eager to frame it and hang it on the walls of our home.

This show will run from September 7 through October 23., with a reception on Sunday, September 11, 12:15.

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