Art Show – Donna Burch

This show is designed to create conversations about what it means to be an American and how others view you as an American (or not). Our forefathers said we were “One Nation …”. This show is not about religion. It is not about politics. It is not about the political party to which you belong. It is about how we view ourselves and others in relationship with our country. No matter how you view yourself or our country, we must deal with the brokenness, be it of our own making or others’. To that end, I asked each of my subjects to submit a poem about their relationship with this country.

​The only requirement for this study was that the subject had to be an American citizen. As I talked to all kinds of people, I came to believe that we all have a sense of the United States of America being broken, but not knowing how to fix ourselves.

​Depending on how each conversation went, I over-layed the American Flag on each image. If the conversation was hopeful, the flag was placed in the upright position. If the conversation was not hopeful the flag was placed upside-down. The flag is flown upside-down as a distress signal.

​There are times the flags are up and the poems are down. There are times the flags are down and the poems are up. What we all agree upon,there is a brokenness in our land.

What I have found is that we all know something is broken in this country.  We all know that we are experiencing brokness.  The whole world knows that we are broken.  The question is how do we fix ourselves? Before we declare ourselves fixed, we need to declare ourselves broken.  I hope and pray that this is one of those steps toward reaching to the wellness of the USA, to reach toward our inner strength and inner greatness.

My personal belief is that we have to learn how to care for one another again.  We have lost our sense of humor, we have lost our ability to empathize with another person, we have forgotten how to help someone (that does not involve money).  We have forgotten how to create and love community.  We have forgotten that community does not have to look like us.  We have forgotten how to love!

There will be a reception for the artist Donna Burchon Sunday, March 17 from 12:30-3:30 p.m. in the Foyer.  The Ethical Society will exhibit some of Donna’s work from March 15 through April 21.