Appreciation for Andie Jackson’s service on the Platform Speaker’s team, by Sean O’Hara

Good morning everyone. As you see in your programs Andie Jackson is supposed to give
Opening Words today. Andie do you mind joining me on stage we have a surprise for you before
you give Opening Words?

For those of you who know Andie Jackson has stepped down as leader of the Platform Team.
When I first came to the Ethical Society I was asked to be on the Platform Team. This was back
when Kate and James were leaders. I discovered in my time someone behind the scenes who I
felt should be considered as a third leader and pillar to our community, Andie Jackson. By the
time I joined the Platform Team it was already rude to ask how long Andie had been leading the
Platform Team, I was 26 years old, and she talked about platforms from the 90s, suffice to say it
had been many years, technically many decades of serving this community in her vital role.

Platform is where we come as a community and both learn new things and express our values.
For many of us it is our first encounter with the Humanist community. Scheduling speakers takes
a lot of time and effort. This community has vast intellectual curiosity combined with high moral
standards. It is I think one of the greatest intellectual achievements I’ve witnessed seeing Andie
consistently schedule speakers which engage this audience. Her style of leadership is also a
model. She led meetings with an agenda and efficiently got things accomplished while also
allowing and listening to people’s contributions. She in so many ways is the living embodiment
of humanist values, open mindedness, curiosity, intellectual integrity and seeking out how to be
a better person ethically.

Andie has served this community selflessly as a volunteer and was an absolute Pillar to the
Platform Team and thus the Ethical Society as a whole. With her stepping down we enter a new
era. To everyone sitting here today if at any point you left Platform feeling you learned a new
perspective on a topic, had a interesting conversation with people about platform afterward, or
just felt inspired, Andie was the key person behind that experience. She would be to humble to
ever ask for recognition and that’s why we wanted to surprise her today before Opening Words.
But our community would be remiss to not celebrate a member who has dedicated such a large
portion of her life to our benefit. So I ask would you all please stand and applaud and show our
appreciation and love for Andie’s contribution to the Society over the years.

Thank you

NOTE: The ideas and opinions in this post do not necessarily express the thoughts or opinions of the Ethical Society of St. Louis or its leadership.