Amplifying Black Voices; Louise Jett, MEd, Leader Intern

Louise Jett

Under Ethical Culture Founder Felix Adler’s leadership, the voices of prominent civil rights leaders were amplified within our congregations. People of color were given space within Ethical Culture to share ideas and advocate for equality. In honor of Juneteenth, we will discuss the connections between our movement and Black history.

A lifelong learner, Louise Jett is an educator at heart. She loves to share knowledge. As creative director, she collects and publishes Ethical Society stories and news to spread awareness of our incredible community. She also creates slides and other graphics to keep people informed. Louise is an Ethical Humanist and American Ethical Union leader-in-training. She is dedicated to growing the Ethical Culture movement and helping others cultivate meaning in their lives. She has joined us in a new role this summer as leader intern. She also works full-time at Lewis and Clark Community College as a faculty member and coordinator for the Graphic and Web Design programs. We she can, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Luke, and their adult son, Keenan, and playing video games, especially Zelda.


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