"all dogs have ADHD" by Kathy Hoopmann (2009)

HoopmannDogsADHDThis is the sort of simple language and words-and-pictures book normally assumed to be for children, and I would not hesitate to give it to a child. Still, I think it’s at least as much for adults, especially those who live with or around a child with ADHD. Or perhaps a child one suspects might have such a “disorder” but has not been diagnosed.

Fact is, the term should be Attention Deficit Hyperactive DIFFERENCE, not disorder. As with Asperger’s Syndrome (which all cats have), it’s a description of a particular type of kid who may occasionally drive adults crazy, but is also very lovable and interesting. As pointed out on page 58, some very impressive geniuses have been ADHD types as children. Given a chance to grow and develop in their own way, they are a marvelous addition to the mix that is the human race.

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