"all cats have asperger syndrome" by Kathy Hoopmann (2006)

HoopmanCatsAspergerThis is a children’s book in that it is a square vinyl-covered thin book with very few words and photos on every page.  Great photos, I might add.  But most grown-ups know that the best children’s books are also for adults, and this is especially true here.  Since I love both cats and Aspies (my late husband was a textbook case), I figured I had to see it.  Now I know why I love cats and Aspies: they really are much alike, and understanding one helps to understand the other.  Most adults will probably see that understanding cats helps them to understand Aspies, but I did it the other way around.  Not only does it work both ways, but it’s just plain entertaining.  I recommend it to anyone who knows and loves either a kid with asperger’s syndrome or a cat.

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