Anna Garlin Spencer Awards

The American Ethical Union (AEU) Anna Garlin Spencer Volunteer Award recognizes a lay member of any AEU Member Organization in good standing for their significant volunteer contributions to the success of their organization and/or to the AEU. The AEU Board presents the award on behalf of the AEU and the nominating congregation.

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Who was Anna Garlin Spencer?

Born in 1851, Anna Garlin Spencer was a social activist and feminist icon.  She was the first woman ordained in Rhode Island, became a founder of the NAACP, promoted child labor laws, and worked for equal rights for women.  She was also the first woman Ethical Culture leader and her life-long work embodies the spirit intended by this award.

St. Louis member awardees

  • 2022 Cathy and Bob Pickard
  • 2020 David Brown
  • 2019 Kent and Jo-Ellen Forrest
  • 2018 Steve Harris
  • 2017 Carol Bartell (Andy Stanton NoVES)
  • 2016 Matthew Hile
  • 2015 Alan Easton
  • 2014 Alan Ranford
  • 2013 (Mary Ellen Stanton NoVES)
  • 2012 Dean and Juliette Smith
  • 2011 Julia Lamborn
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