The leadership of the Society is a shared responsibility of the Congregation, the Board of Trustees, and the Ministry Team.

Members do not “own” the Society for individual or collective benefit. Rather, members hold the Society in trust for those who benefit from its work now and in the future.

The Congregation reserves some duties for itself through the Bylaws, but delegate the majority of the leadership responsibility to the Board of Trustees and the Professional Leadership. The Policy Manual helps us operate in a spirit of partnership.


The Ethical Society of St. Louis inspires ethical living in a humanist-centered Congregation by affirming the worth of every person and advocating the primacy of ethical behavior above any creed.

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Ethical Society of St. Louis is a welcoming home to Humanists, and community is very important to us. We want you to feel a part of our community and that, for many people, means more than just coming to our Sunday Programs.