A footnote for my living will

Relatives of some September 11th victims are testifying on behalf of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called twentieth hijacker, because they and/or their loved ones oppose the death penalty.

One of the family members, Alice Hoagland, who lost her son Mark on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, told CNN that “she hopes that the United States would show Moussaoui more mercy than his confederates showed September 11 victims.”

The odds are small that any of us will die at the hands of terrorists or murderers–we’re much more likely to die from cigarettes, fast food, and lack of exercise. But just in case, I wonder if we should all include in our Living Wills (which we all have, right?) just a footnote, which for me would be something like this:

I am ethically, philosophically, and religiously opposed to the death penalty. Should I die from violence, no matter how awful or purposeful, I ask that my murderer/s not be executed, as that would dishonor my memory and everything I have stood for in life. I ask all who cared about me to do their utmost to keep my death from being the cause of more death.

Of course, another person’s note might say just the opposite, and whether the dead have the right to tell the living what to do is an open question. But I’m gonna put it in anyway.