2014 Ethical Humanist of the Year Dr. Patricia Wolff and Meds & Food for Kids; Linda Locke, Jeff Klopfenstein, Dr. Jean Thomas, and Dr. Patricia Wolff

In 2003, Dr. Wolff, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Washington University’s School of Medicine, founded Meds & Food for Kids (mfkhaiti.org) in response to her frustration at watching malnourished Haitian children needlessly die.

In August, 2013, MFK completed construction of their state-of-the art factory locat-ed in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. The completion of the factory in Haiti has enabled MFK to save more lives through increased production. In addition, MFK is impacting Haiti’s economy by employing and training more Haitian workers and using even more Haitian raw materials. To date, MFK has saved the lives of more than 120,000 severely malnourished children. The MFK factory currently employs 48 local staff members and the MFK agriculture team has trained over 1,300 farmers, teaching them to grow more (and better) peanuts.