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Sunday Ethical Education for Kids:

Sunday School, ages 2 to pre-KVisit Our Nursery/Preschool:

In our nursery, three adults are on-hand to provide free, safe, and compassionate care for infants and children through age four while their parents are attending platform or other meetings in the building on Sunday mornings from 9:45am - 12:00pm.  

Our nursery is a relaxed environment where little ones simply play and enjoy a snack together and sometimes share a story and craft or activity that corresponds with our core values.

Up in the nursery, even our youngest children learn to recognize the Ethical Society of St Louis as a place where people are happy to see them again - a place where they're safe, known, liked and respected.

The Weekday Nursery School is not affiliated with the Ethical Society of St. Louis, although many parents send their children to the nursery school and to the Ethical Society's Sunday School program. Please see the nursery school's website for information.

For more information, contact the Sunday School Administrator.


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