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Sunday Ethical Education for Kids: Kindergarten to 6th Grade

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SEEKers Workshops
10am - 11am



Each Sunday morning, children in kindergarten through sixth grade gather downstairs in Becker Assembly Hall and choose a workshop that interests them.  Families of children who are enrolled in the S.E.E.K. program, kids themselves, and a handful of our generous Ethical Society members volunteer to lead these workshops and activities for a single Sunday morning or for a few in a row.

Workshop leaders simply consider what their gifts and our kids' interests are, and they sign up to lead or supervise activities on our program calendar.  We are building that calendar now, so please see Rachel or Kitt as soon as possible to choose dates that work for you.

Typically, kids have three different activities to choose from each Sunday morning.  So we hope everyone will find an activity that matches their interests and skill levels. 

By working together on this, we can give all our kids a wealth of opportunities to learn new skills, do fun experiments, engage in exciting projects and simply enjoy each other's company.


SEEKers Lessons
11am - 12pm



Children entering Kindergarten come together as "Team Roosevelt". Eleanor that is!

First and second graders form "Team Adler."                                     

Third and fourth graders form "Team Sheldon."                                

Fifth and sixth graders are "Team Spencer."

This part of the program in particular operates like a cooperative.  We ask the parent(s) of every child enrolled in K - 6 to sign up to lead a series of Sunday morning classes from 11am - 12pm at some point during the program year.

Parents receive a copy of the lessons they've signed up to lead in advance.  All lesson outlines and materials are provided. 

It's only through the sharing of this responsibility that we can operate.  It's also a great way to get acquainted with the curriculum and with your children's peers.

On a typical Sunday morning, each team of SEEKers will examine the same topic from different angles and depths, and all of the teams' lessons are designed around our core values. This allows for continuity of learning within families. It also allows children to discover meaning in the material at levels that suit their development.

This Fall, SEEKers enter the second year of our new two-year curriculum.  Developing basic religious literacy and habits of critical thinking will be central themes this program year.

SEEKers will think about some big themes like compassion and empathy, oppression and resilience, service and leadership.

They'll play games, sing, act, share, and celebrate the people, events and ideas that matter to us.  Sometimes we'll practice simply being still and quiet together, if you can imagine that!

For more information, contact the Sunday School Administrator.


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