Ethics in Action Award
Opening Words from Sun. March 22 by Arlene Nickels*

Good morning! My name is Arlene Nickels. I was born in the city of St. Louis in 1936 – I'm 79 years old! We lived...

Sat., April 25: Join Us for Our 50th Celebration*

Join us for a celebration of our iconic building's 50th anniversary at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 25. Architect Andrew R...

Sun., Mar. 29: Join Us for Our Jubilee*

Experience a landmark celebration as we celebrate 50 years of serving the community from our current meeting house at 9...

Opening Words from Sun. March 15 by Gena Gardiner*

My name is Gena. I am a recovering theist. My husband, Bob, and I are relatively new members to the Ethical Society and...

Outreach Leader Position
The Ethical Society of St. Louis, a humanist congregation, seeks an outreach Leader to increase our visibility and voice in the St. Louis region and beyond...

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Sun., Mar. 29: Our Pagan Nation by Kate Lovelady, Leader*

Kate Lovelady America is sometimes called a Christian nation, usually by those who wish it to be so. This platform will explore how much of our everyday lives, our national history, and even Christian traditions themselves actually have their roots in much older traditions and sources.
Platform Music: Hannah Frey and her string quartet

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